10 Best Twitch Interactive Games to Play with Viewers

Best Twitch Interactive Games To Play With Viewers

Yes, streamers can play games with their viewers.

Twitch chat integrated games are a great way to add interaction between streamers and their viewers, bond with your community, and keep your streams away from boredom. They even can bring you new viewers who are just browsing Twitch for a fun interactive game to play.

In this listicle, we rank the best interactive games you can stream and play with your viewers, which will multiply the interaction on your channel.

1. GeoGuessr

Geoguessr game picture

Explore the world, find clues and guess where you are.

Challenge your audience to guess the locations of a series of random Street View images. When time is up, it reveals the real location, and automatically awards points based on how close to that location you and your viewers get.

2. SongCompetition

SongCompetition game

Song Competition is a free game for both Twitch and YouTube, that let your viewers compete in a song tournament, against each other with their favorite songs from even YouTube or Spotify.

Even if you are not participating in the competition, you can still vote on the better song, in the Twitch chat.

Only the best songs make it to the finals.

3. Stream Pairs

Stream Pairs game
Stream Pairs

Compete with your audience, stimulate your memory, and find matching pairs with Stream Pairs. An online version of the popular game, known as “Matching Memory Game,” “Concentration,” or sometimes “Matching Pairs Game.”. Stream Pairs is free to play.

Note: Viewers can guess in the chat by typing the pair numbers. E.g. 10 66

4. Marbles on Stream

Marbles on Stream game
Marbles on Stream

Marbles on Stream is a free-to-play marble racing game that you and your audience can play on Twitch stream and compete for positions on the leaderboard.

Choose the map, wait for the players to join, and start the race.

Note: Viewers can join the race by typing !play in the chat.

5. Gartic Show

Gartic Show game
Gartic Show

This is a free draw & guess game made for streaming. Start drawing and challenge your viewers to guess the word.

You can either choose the system’s words or put your own custom words, and the viewers must guess that word through the Twitch chat, the first player who guesses it right, earns points.

The best and free alternative to Drawy.

6. GOS – Gartic on Stream

GOS - Gartic on Stream game
Gartic on Stream

This is another free-to-play drawing guess game, the only difference between Gartic Show and Gartic on Stream is the streamer will also have to guess the drawings with his viewers, while they are auto-drawn by the system.

7. Da Twitch Charades

Da Twitch Charades game
Da Twitch Charades

An online free game where you can play charades with your Twitch stream! Twitch Charades is a parlor/party word guessing game, where the streamer has to “act out” a word without speaking, while the viewers try to guess what the word is, by typing in the chat.

How to play Twitch Charades?

  1. At least have one category selected (you can also set your own custom words)
  2. Select time
  3. Enter your channel name
  4. Keep word window away from the stream
  5. Start the game

8. Intro Fighters

Intro Fighters fighting overlay twitch game
Intro Fighters

Intro Fighters is a free Twitch overlay mini-game that allows your Twitch chat to fight each other. The characters are emotes provided by Twitch, and other third-party emote providers, like BTTV and FrankerFaceZ.

You can literally have the game over any scene. Perfect to play during “Be right back” and “Stream starting” scenes.

9. WOS – Words on Stream

WOS - Words on Stream game
Words on Stream

Words on Stream is a free game that will boost your Twitch and YouTube live streams by interaction. The streamer and his audience try to hit the words from mixed letters (finding anagrams) using the stream chat. Every time a player finds a word, his name is highlighted on the screen.

10. Stream Raiders

Stream Raiders game
Stream Raiders

Lead your viewers into battle. A simple/free streamer-led community battle game where streamers play live with their viewers on Twitch. You can play it as a side game alongside your main content (show on stream for 2-5 minutes).

In order to play this game, your channel must have at least 100 followers. Obviously, you cannot be a leader, if all you are streaming to is yourself.

twitch emote icon kappa custom

Custom Twitch Emotes

If you are a new Twitch affiliate/partner and want some custom/original emotes for your chat, this 5min post is for you.

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