How to Buy and Setup your Windows VPS (with Pictures)

How to Buy and Setup your Windows VPS

Nowadays, Windows VPS Server became one of the most popular modern services. In this 5 minutes tutorial, we will show you the steps to get your Windows VPS Server ready.

What is Windows VPS?

Windows VPS (Virtual Private Server) is simply a virtual computer (that looks like any other windows computer) with a windows operating system installed, sold as a service by Web Hosting companies. Windows VPS provides a dedicated environment for your web projects and can be accessed remotely with login credentials.

This is what a Windows VPS looks like:

what a Windows VPS looks like
Windows VPS

Which Windows VPS to choose?

With plenty of VPS service providers, it can be very overwhelming.. especially for beginners. But, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Our top 1 pick, based on the Specs, Price, Performance, Support, and other factors.. is Hyonix. A licensed Windows VPS, starting just from $6.5/mo.

Hyonix is a great alternative for InMotion and DreamHost Windows VPS.

Buy Hyonix Windows VPS

To get your Windows VPS:

  1. Go to this page.
  2. Choose your plan and hit Sign Up.
  3. Enter your account information and hit Register.
  4. Choose a region, operating system (Windows), the package (depending on your needs), and finally the billing cycle (the longer you stay, the most you save).
  5. Click the Checkout button.
  6. Pay your invoice.

Access your Windows VPS

After receiving an E-mail confirmation:

  1. Login to your Hyonix account.
  2. Under the Servers section, click on your active server (you’ll be able to see your server details).
  3. Click the Start menu, and search for Remote Desktop Connection.
  4. Enter your IP Address and hit Connect.
  5. Now enter your Password.

That’s it, you are connected.

A tip: If the sound is not activated in your VPS (for those who want to run a 24/7 YouTube Livestream Radio), simply contact the support, they will enable it for you.

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