What is the Fastest WordPress Theme of 2023? [Revealed]

Slow website = Worthless traffic.

Browntips.com (our humble site) is built with the fastest WP theme, and this was the Google PageSpeed Insights score right after installing the theme (100% score in both mobile and desktop versions):

Google PageSpeed Insights 100 in score

This is the score after installing the needed plugins, customizing the theme, adding images, inserting some CSS codes, and HTML scripts (still green and very fast though):

Google PageSpeed Insights green score

You can see the speed test yourself here.

Should I get a fast WP theme, does site speed matter?

If your site doesn’t load fast, visitors may decide to leave. As reported by analytics experts, users usually stay longer on a fast site than on a slow one and also convert better. That’s why you should get a lightweight and fast WP theme, not to mention having good/fast web hosting, and a good caching plugin.

A slow site will result in a poor user experience, which also will affect the bounce rate and therefore, affect the SEO.

A study reveals that, as the page loading time increases, the bounce rate increases as well:

Page Load Time (seconds)Bounce Rate (%)

Based on real data, this is the fastest WP theme:

If someone asked what is the fastest WP theme? We will definitely answer “GeneratePress“.

We’ve tested over 50 WordPress themes, and the difference was highly noticeable, we even didn’t have to see some data to tell that GeneratePress is the fastest WP theme, from the loading time, to site interactions.

Here are 4 fast WP themes (tested and compared):

1. GP99% A1.169610
2. Astra99% A1.3
3. Neve99% A1.641012
4. Divi85% B1.7113051

As seen, GeneratePress is faster than Astra, Neve, and Divi.

Is GeneratePress a free or paid theme?

GeneratePress is not only a super-fast theme but also a beautiful, simple, and multipurpose theme. Is it free? Yes, they have a free version which is good enough for beginners. But the premium version offers more features with hundreds of customization controls.

Is there a discount/promo code for GeneratePress premium?

Unfortunately no, according to GeneratePress themselves, on their official page, there are no official discounts nor formal promo codes. And somehow, if they decided to offer some promo codes in the future, they will be posted on that same page.

How to tell if your website is fast?

There are a lot of different tools you can use to measure the performance of your site and your page quality (for both mobile devices and desktop devices), the most popular are Google PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom, and GTmetrix.

Keep in mind: you have to run the test multiple times, just in case.

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