Make Money/Grow your YouTube Channel with a 24/7 Livestream

Make Money and Grow your YouTube Channel with a 24/7 Livestream

Can you make money with a 24/7 YouTube live stream while growing your brand new channel? Yes, you definitely can!

There are some great advantages to using 24/7 live streaming on YouTube. In this guide, you’ll learn what’s live streaming, how to create a 24/7 live stream and make it fully automated, what are the benefits, and how to earn money from it.

It’s really simple.

What is a YouTube 24/7 live stream?

A 24/7 live stream is continuous streaming that broadcast media files (Audio and Video) over the Internet in real-time, which loops 24/7.

Some popular YouTube 24/7 live streams

  • Lofi girl (ChilledCow previously)
  • Coffee Shop radio
  • NBC News
  • The Good Life Radio
  • TV Derana
  • The bootleg boy
  • CNA live
  • Chillout Lounge
  • Starbase LIVE
  • Relaxing Jazz Piano Radio
  • Spinnin’
  • Rainy Jazz
  • ChillYourMind
  • ThePrimeThanatos – Synthwave & Retrowave radio
  • Danheim – Fimbul Radio


A 24/7 YouTube Livestream will:

  • Increase the channel watch time.
  • Bring new subscribers.
  • Earn you more money (other than YouTube Ads).
  • Give you greater visibility (live streams always rank higher on YouTube).

How to create a 24/7 YouTube live stream?

What does it take to start? 4 important steps to set up your 24/7 live stream:

  1. Get a reliable Windows VPS hosting (which will allow you to run a 24/7 youtube channel without having really expensive equipment if you want to do that from your house).
  2. Install OBS or Streamlabs.
  3. Prepare your files (music, images, videos..) and scenes.
  4. Get your Stream Key and start streaming.

This might sound really technical but it’s actually really simple.

We have a dedicated step-by-step guide on how to create your own 24/7 live stream in 1 hour only.

How to earn money?

4 ways to monetize your 24/7 YouTube live stream:

1. Donations

Donations are a great way for viewers/listeners to support the stream, keep it working, and motivate the owner to do more. Many channels are accepting donations. And this can either be done via the Super Chat feature or via third-party services, like, and Streamlabs.

donation link in youtube description
Example 1
donation link in youtube description
Example 2

2. Merchandise

Selling merchandise and other print-on-demand products can bring big returns while also energizing your fan base.

Bonfire is the easiest way to open a free online store, design, and sell your merch. Also, with Bonfire, you keep 100% of the profits.

Bonfire selling print on demand merch on youtube

It doesn’t matter how many subscribers you have, all YouTube creators are eligible to create and sell custom merch on Bonfire.

3. Patreon

Patreon is a membership platform, that lets people financially support and reward content creators like YouTubers, through a monthly subscription.

You can set up multiple membership tiers, starting from $1, so each supporter can choose the amount of money they feel most comfortable with.

Patreon membership tiers levels example
Patreon membership

4. Affiliate marketing

Another way to earn money via live streams is by placing affiliate links in the description.

Affiliate marketing is a process in which a person will promote a business’s products or services and earns a commission after a successful conversion/sale. Amazon Associates for example, is one of the best and most popular affiliate programs.

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